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Nothing is worse on a fine summer day than being relentlessly plagued by wasps. More than just being a nuisance, they can give you nasty stings, which can be life-threatening for some unlucky folks. Wasps can nest inside or outside ion colonies up to 20000. They are prone to attack if disturbed. Therefore, removing them as soon as you spot them on your property is imperative. 

Wasp nests can be easily found in lofts, cavity walls, air vents, garages, sheds, water tanks and bushes. The nest is hidden inside the building and is often not visible. It would be best to look out for many wasps gathering around a small entrance hole, often around the roof’s gutter. 

From June onwards, wasp’s nests can become a big nuisance as queen wasps emerge from hibernation. Their nests can carry on growing in size until winter. If you spot a wasp nest, do not delay because their stings can be life-threatening. Contact Hatfield Pest Control, as we are specialists in wasp extermination. Our technicians are certified and insured to carry out wasp pest control to the necessary standards.

Hatfield Wasps


If you are facing a wasp infestation in Hatfield, please do not hesitate to contact us today for prompt and professional wasp removal services, as wasps can pose a significant risk to human health, especially for those who are allergic to their stings, finding and removing them quickly and effectively is essential. Our team of expert wasp control technicians is equipped with a variety of protective equipment and eco-friendly methods to handle nests of wasps safely. The safety of your family and business is our primary concern, so we always ensure a wasp-free environment in your home or business. The years of experience we have in pest control have prepared us for a hassle-free and reliable solution. Feel free to contact us for a quick and efficient consultation if you want to say goodbye to wasp problems. For immediate services for all your wasp control concerns, please call us at 01707 515 211 or mail us at hatfieldpestcontrol@gmail.com

Wasp Control Hatfield: Our Removal Process

You’ve got a wasp infestation when you find wasps in your house or business. For this reason, if you suspect you have a pest problem, you should call a professional pest controller to prevent painful stings, disruption of your life, or structural damage.



Our wasp pest control service is available for all Hatfield and nearby services. Please call or email our team to arrange a pest control quote. Whenever you need us, we’re here to help. We’re available 24/7 for appointments and pest control advice.



We’ll send our qualified and insured team to exterminate your wasps. Our professional-grade insecticide is 100% effective, so only one visit is needed. We only use environment-friendly chemicals to make sure that your surroundings are safe.



Once we know your pest problem, we’ll quote you based on your needs. If you have any concerns about the job or need more information, we’ll arrange a free survey on your place first.



Our team can answer any questions you have about protecting your home from wasp infestations in the future. Alternatively, you can call us at 01707 515 211 or mail us at hatfieldpestcontrol@gmail.com.

Domestic and Commercial Wasp Control in Hatfield

Domestic Wasp Control Hatfield: Shielding Your Home

Hatfield residents can turn to our professional wasp control services to deal with wasp infestations effectively and safely. Using a systematic approach, our technicians will locate wasp nests by doing a thorough inspection. After the nests are identified, specialized methods like dust and foam insecticides are used to remove them. Our experts will take precautions to prevent wasp aggression as part of the treatment process. We also offer pest prevention advice through Hatfield’s pest control services. Our professionals in Hatfield take prompt action to keep homes wasp-free so residents can rest easy.


Commercial Wasp Control Hatfield : Zero Professional Disruptions

Having wasps in your commercial business can be a significant problem because they can sting your customers and employees. A visitor getting stung on your property could damage your reputation and liability. There’s also the risk of food contamination. When wasps hunt for food, they land on dirty places like floors, drains, animal waste, and trash. As a result, if you own a restaurant and have active wasps, you risk contaminated produce that could make your customers sick. Therefore, you need to eliminate wasp nests as soon as possible. Fortunately, Hatfield Pest Control has taken care of hundreds of wasp nests all over Hatfield and the surrounding areas. We can handle wasp nests the same day you enquire, so we’re ready for all infestations. Additionally, we can provide a discreet and specialist service to schools or other sensitive places.

Wasp Control Hatfield: Know Our Control Methods

In Hatfield, our professional pest control services use a combination of effective wasp removal techniques to address infestations safely and efficiently. Here’s a more detailed explanation of these methods:

Nest Removal:- Identifying the location of wasp nests is the first step in the removal process. Our trained technicians carefully inspect the property to locate the nests often found in eaves, wall voids, trees, or other sheltered areas. Once the nest is located, our technicians will approach it wearing protective clothing, including bee suits and gloves, to avoid stings.

The nest is then physically removed from its location. This process requires specialized equipment to safely access and detach the nest, such as long-reaching poles or extension ladders. After removal, the nest is transported to a remote location away from human habitation, ensuring the wasps do not return to the area.

Insecticides:- Insecticidal sprays or dust is another method of effective wasp control. Our technicians apply these chemical treatments directly to the nest. Upon contact, the insecticides quickly exterminate the wasps, including the queen, which is vital for preventing the colony’s re-establishment. We use insecticides precisely, minimizing exposure to surrounding areas and non-target insects to reduce environmental impact.

Trapping:- We sometimes use wasp traps to capture wasps without disturbing their nests. These traps lure wasps with attractants while preventing them from escaping once inside. Trapped wasps are later removed from the traps and safely disposed of.

Exclusion:- Preventative measures are crucial in wasp control. Our trained technicians advise homeowners on sealing off potential entry points and gaps around the property, which can serve as nesting sites for wasps. Blocking these openings helps prevent future infestations and encourages wasps to seek nesting sites elsewhere.

A pest survey will help us determine the extent of the problem, locate any likely entry points and decide how to get rid of the pests. In addition to our evident expertise in pest removal, we’re punctual, polite, friendly, and professional, and we clean up any mess we make before leaving.

Here’s what Hatfield Pest Control does:

  • An established business that prides itself on its reputation.
  • Provides services at a lower cost than larger competitors.
  • Fully insured and qualified RSPH Technicians
  • Available seven days a week (most of the time).
  • Emergency treatment services
  • Safe disposal of wasp nests
  • Free quotes for all domestic and commercial properties
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