Rats coming up the toilet? Here is the solution!

People say that rats can not swim up through your toilets, but in fact they can easily do that. Rats are strong enough to swim upstream, have incredible stamina and can hold their breath for up to three minutes, which is more than enough time to make their way through the average drainage system and up through the toilet.

You will think that one solution to this problem will be to let your toilet lid down; but unfortunately rats are easily intelligent and strong enough to be able to lift the lid; not just on the way in to your bathroom but also on the way back out; allowing them to sneak in and out via your toilet without leaving any evidence behind them other than a wet trail.

Why would a rat swim up through the toilet?

For rats to swim up through your toilet, first they need to get into your drains. Most of the rat infestations we deal with are a result of drain damage or sewer flooding which pushes fleeing rats up to the surface.

Drain damage can create cracks and openings in your pipes through which rats are able to enter your drainage system. Tree roots, ground movement, vibration from construction work or heavy vehicles can all damage drain pipes. As a result, you should have your drains inspected regularly as part of your home maintenance routine.

Call a specialist right now to take care of the rats toilet problem!

At Hatfield Pest Control Services, we can provide home surveys, drain inspections, drain repairs and rat blocker installation for residential and commercial properties. We can also perform CCTV surveys to catch the rats in the act if you suspect they’re swimming up through your toilets.

To book your survey or if you have any questions about rats, call us now or request your call back.

If you still don’t believe that rats can swim up your toilet, here are some proofs:

  • It’s not an urban myth: rats do swim up through toilets, as we’ve encountered first hand.
  • Rats usually enter the drainage system either through damaged pipes or because of sewer flooding.
  • You can prevent rats coming up the toilet through the installation of rat blockers.
  • Rat blockers can be installed in the waste pipe of the toilet but they’re best placed at the entrance of your drainage system.
  • If you have rats that are coming through your toilet, make sure you have your drains inspected and, if necessary, repaired.
Rat caught in the toilet.

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