Pigeon Pest Control Hatfield: Swift and Humane Pigeon Control

When you picture the landscape of Hatfield in your mind, pigeons are as much a part of it as double-decker buses. While they evoke a romantic city image, they can be a nuisance for residential and commercial owners. It is important to note that pigeons are notorious for spreading life-threatening diseases like many other pests. Therefore it is vital to handle these as soon as possible. 

Feral pigeons are expected in London and are known to be carriers of deadly diseases. Above all, they can also cause damage to the property. They are persistent in their search for a place to roost and can often fit through tiny cracks and crevices to make their way into a place they can call home. As a result, they are very undesirable house guests who can cause a lot of pain and misery to home and business owners. Noise and droppings from Feral pigeons are disruptive and dangerous. Faeces are corrosive and can corrode metal and stone over time. The pigeons can also cause damage by dislodging tiles and blocking gutters.

When it comes to bird control in Hatfield, seeking the help of professional bird control services can be the solution to all your bird problems. Hatfield Pest Control provides quality bird control services in the area. We have years of experience in removing pigeons from private and commercial properties. We also provide solid pigeon-proofing services so that they do not haunt your property again. 



Need help with pigeon problems in Hatfield? Call us today for practical solutions. With our pigeon control services, your property gets a bird-free environment. Our experienced team offers humane and eco-friendly methods to eliminate pigeon nests and roosts. Keep your home and business safe from damage caused by these birds. Feel free to reach out to us and get a hassle-free consultation. With our help, you’ll never have to deal with pigeon problems again. For immediate services for all your pigeon control concerns, please call us at 01707 515 211 or mail us at hatfieldpestcontrol@gmail.com

Pigeon Control Hatfield: Know How We Carry Out the Complete Process



We create an uninviting environment for birds so they stay away from your roof or building looking for food. We will send one of our bird control specialists to inspect your property. With the help of a drone camera, they can determine what attracts birds to your house, assess the level of infestation, and identify the affected areas.


Follow-Ups and Maintenance

On your request, our technician can return to your property within three months if necessary, depending on the nature and extent of the service you booked. In case our technicians leave anything, we will make sure to cover it in our follow-up visits.


Selecting Appropriate Bird Proofing Method

Depending on the pest technician’s assessment, a bird-proofing method most suitable for the situation will be selected. The bird control specialist can apply nets and spikes to the roof if necessary or repellent gel to outdoor surfaces when necessary.


Future Prevention Guidelines

As part of the service, we will provide you with a copy of the report for the service and some helpful tips on preventing future issues with pigeons. Our future pigeon control prevention methods will ensure that you will never have to deal with these birds again.

Residential and Commercial Pigeon Control in Hatfield

Effective Residential Moth Control Hatfield: Protect Your Home

You’ve come to the right place if you want moth removal in Hatfield! Getting rid of moth infestations from your home is our speciality. With our safe and efficient methods, we can eliminate these pests without damaging fabrics and clothing. Don’t let moths ruin your things or ruin your space. Contact us today, and our experts will conduct a thorough inspection and then provide personalised solutions to ensure a moth-free haven.


Commercial Moth Control Hatfield : Ensuring Moth Free Commercial Spaces

There’s nothing worse for a business than a moth infestation, especially in the hospitality industry. Hotel linens are at risk of moths eating through them, especially if they’re stored, causing financial and reputational damage. Moths love dried goods and prefer dark places, so food warehouses are perfect. Besides bringing in bacteria from outside, moth droppings and cocoons can also contaminate food, causing a disaster for hygiene. Using a pest control expert is essential to prevent moths from infesting your business. Call our pest controller immediately to protect your customers, staff and business.

Pigeon Control Hatfield: Know Our Sure Shot Methods to Get Rid of Pigeons

Drones:- Inspecting the property can be quickly done using a drone, as they can fly over the property. This way, we can cover every possible nesting and landing location of the pigeons on the property.

Bird Netting:- In Hatfield, pigeon netting is a popular method of bird control. Bird netting is made from plastic twine stretched taut to keep pigeons out. This product can be installed on various surfaces, including building fascias. Hatfield Pest Control is an expert at fitting bird and pigeon netting in Hatfield to residential and commercial properties and can customise a design to suit your needs without destroying the look.

Gel Repellants:- Unlike poisonous chemicals, the gel repellent tricks pigeons and other flying critters into thinking the building is on fire, which causes them to avoid the building. As a result, it is an excellent repellent for bird-proofing that is especially recommended if you live in a rental property and cannot use any permanent solutions.

Bird Spikes:- A solution to persistent pigeons perching on roofs and gutters might be pigeon spikes. They fit on roofs, windowsills, gutters, and ledges and are made of heavy-duty metal with polycarbonate bases. Londoners are used to seeing them everywhere, so it’s no wonder they are effective. Pigeons can’t perch on the spikes, but they’re just for deterrence, not to hurt them. Since pigeons do not like spiky landings, they will soon give up and move on. 

Once we get rid of pigeons, we also offer to clean their droppings to minimise the health risks and infections in the area. 

A bird survey will help us determine the extent of the problem, locate any likely entry points and decide how to get rid of the birds. There are many ways to do this, including bird spikes, bird netting, gell repellants, using other birds to scare them away etc.

In addition to our evident expertise in bird removal, we’re punctual, polite, friendly, and professional, and we clean up any mess we make before leaving.

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