Wasps removal in Hatfield

Hatfield Pest Control offers you fast & professional wasps removal services in Hatfield and surrounding areas. Being stung by a wasp or bee is very painful, and for some; can be life-threateneing if you are allergic to stings. However, you are able to reduce these risks by taking sensible precautions when outdoors; to ensure that wasp or bee nests are properly managed.

Rat Infestation Exterminator

Rat Infestation Exterminator

With winter soon coming, the rat population in the UK will be looking for warm places to find food and water. That causes an increase in Infestations recorded throughout the UK, every winter. A Rat Infestation Exterminator from Hatfield Pest Control is your best chance of getting rid of the unwanted creepers.

10 of the most unwanted pests you never want in your home (part 1)

Here is a short list of the most unwanted pests that people definitely don’t want them in their homes. Being a home owner can be a joyful and rewarding experience; but it can also be a living, waking nightmare if pests invade a residence. Unfortunately, there are many varieties to choose from; and they all present their own unique set of problems and challenges to eliminate.

How to get rid of rats under the floor

To prevent rats under the floor; we need to take into account rats pest control at the earliest stage of any building designs; but more particularly in commercial buildings. Once a rat problem take place inside your premises; you will then need to have critical features in place to be able to implement an efficient rat removal program.

How to get rid of mice in your home

While there are several different species of mice in the wild; the house mouse has his name for its tendency to seek shelter in homes; especially within walls and attics. Adult house mice are usually a dusty gray color with cream-colored bellies; and can range from 2.5-3.75 inches in length.

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