Moth Pest Control Hatfield: Moth Extermination Made Easy

The close kinship of moths with butterflies makes us more sympathetic towards moths than other pests. Having one or two around your residential or commercial property isn’t much to worry about. However, if you are dealing with an infestation, moths can cause expensive property damage and even cause some severe health risks. 

Moths can cause damage to clothes, leaving holes in them. Although holes in small clothes will not worry you, it can be very frustrating when they get into wardrobes and chew away all the expensive clothes you have collected over time. These critters also find their way to storage and can damage your precious heirloom. Most moths feed on clothes and soft furnishings like carpets, curtains and sofas. Therefore, it is critical to eliminate them as soon as you see them in your space. 

Some moth species prefer dried foods, so finding them and their eggs in cupboards and storage jars can be disconcerting. Whenever you see moths, you must act fast and call a pest control company. Hatfield Pest Control is an expert moth control service that has been running for a long time in Hatfield. We offer 100 % moth control solutions to all our clients. Our dedicated team is fully insured and trained in eradicating adult moths and their larvae using professional pest control methods.



If you face a moth infestation in Hatfield, don’t hesitate to eliminate these pesky pests before they take over your home. For swift and effective moth removal services, give us a call today. Thanks to their knowledge and tools, you can rely on our experienced team of experts to eradicate all types of moths from your property. If you have a problem, don’t wait until it escalates; we’re here to help. Don’t let moths ruin your residential or commercial property. Get in touch with us now. Call us now to get a free estimate. For immediate services for all your moth control concerns, please call us at 01707 515 211 or mail us at

Moth Control Hatfield: Our Moth Removal Process

Hatfield Moths Control


Before starting the moth treatment, the moth removal expert will thoroughly inspect the property to ensure every area has been inspected for the presence of moths. We deal with all moths, like cloth, carpet, and kitchen moths.

Hatfield Moths Control


Hatfield Pest Control provides follow-up and maintenance services to all its clients. You can request follow-up visits from our professional team. This ensures that our treatment is effective, and if you face any problem after our treatment, we can solve it in our follow-up visits.

Hatfield Moths Control

Spraying insecticide

Our moth exterminators spray insecticide on floors, curtains, cupboards, wardrobes and skirtings. The spray will not harm your clothes, be rest assured about it. You can also book our fumigation services to keep future infestations at bay.

Hatfield Moths Control


Our expert team at Hatfield Pest Control will also advise you on effective moth prevention that will protect your home or office from moths in future. Trust our prevention control methods; we promise you will never have to encounter moths in the future.

Residential and Commercial Moth Removal in Hatfield

Effective Residential Moth Control Hatfield: Protect Your Home

You’ve come to the right place if you want moth removal in Hatfield! Getting rid of moth infestations from your home is our speciality. With our safe and efficient methods, we can eliminate these pests without damaging fabrics and clothing. Don’t let moths ruin your things or ruin your space. Contact us today, and our experts will conduct a thorough inspection and then provide personalised solutions to ensure a moth-free haven.


Commercial Moth Control Hatfield : Ensuring Moth Free Commercial Spaces

There’s nothing worse for a business than a moth infestation, especially in the hospitality industry. Hotel linens are at risk of moths eating through them, especially if they’re stored, causing financial and reputational damage. Moths love dried goods and prefer dark places, so food warehouses are perfect. Besides bringing in bacteria from outside, moth droppings and cocoons can also contaminate food, causing a disaster for hygiene. Using a pest control expert is essential to prevent moths from infesting your business. Call our pest controller immediately to protect your customers, staff and business.

Professional Moth Control Hatfield: Our Proven Methods to Treat Moths

Hatfield Pest Control has several methods for ridding your property of moths. Here are some methods to eliminate moths from your commercial and residential property.

Heat and steam treatment:- With industrial heaters, we can raise the temperature of the infested area to a level that can destroy moths at all stages of their lifecycle, which is a very effective solution for moth infestations. To do this, the rooms are sealed off safely, and the rooms’ heat is constantly monitored by one of our specialists. We can use steam treatments to treat fabrics and more delicate items like garments.

Insecticides:- Insecticides will kill adult moths with excellent efficiency, but they will not be as effective in removing eggs, larvae, and cocoons, which may require several treatments to eradicate them. We at Hatfield Pest Control utilise industry-approved insecticides that are safe for humans and pets and applied in the safest and most humane manner possible.

Trapping:- Pheromone traps are essential to moth control. These traps release synthetic moth pheromones that attract male moths and keep them from mating. It disrupts their breeding cycle, thus reducing their population. The traps are placed strategically where moths are commonly seen or suspected.

Vacuuming:- Vacuuming is a very effective way to remove eggs, larvae, and adult moths. Using vacuum cleaners with strong suction, our technicians clean carpets, rugs, upholstery, and other surfaces where moths live. Once the debris is collected, it gets disposed of properly to prevent re-infestation.

We are the best pest controllers in the entire Hatfield area. Besides professional services, we also provide you with the following: 

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  • Environment-friendly pest control methods
  • Deal with all kinds of pests
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