How to get rid of rats under the floor

To prevent rats under the floor; we need to take into account rats pest control at the earliest stage of any building designs; but more particularly in commercial buildings. Once a rat problem take place inside your premises; you will then need to have critical features in place to be able to implement an efficient rat removal program.

Raised floor system offers particular difficulties as rats are between floors; having in effect an open access to all areas. When you are concerned about rats activity taking place below any raised floor, you should consider prevention; but as well possible future problems that could not be foreseen or prevented successfully.

How to get rid of rats under floor

The key about how to get rid of rats under the floor, (rat prevention) is to make sure that they do not have any route of entry within your structure. Such entry route could be provided by a loose structure/build with gaps larger than 1 inch; so the rats could invade from the surrounding area into your building, raised floor system or decking.

Rats can also eventually gnaw their way in if the material you are using in your build are soft enough. Or they can dig their way in if the floor on which you build is loose and that there would be a broken drain pipe below.

How to stop a rat infestation in raised floor system

Raised floor systems are often used when converting a semi industrial structure into offices and are ideal to run electrical wiring and pipes. They normally sits on a solid concrete slab.

So the principles are the same as the ones to prevent rats from entering your home. The key is to seal at floor and wall level any gaps/weakness before you start building the structure. This is especially critical in the areas where the cable work and pipework going through the concrete slab.

The short answer is one of the London pest control companies. But maybe you should first do your homework. The best solution for rats is to keep them out. If you don’t want any hassle feel free to call Hatfield Pest Control and let them take care of the problem for you.

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