Professional Pest Control vs. DIY Pest Control

Professional Pest Control Services

It’s easy to assume that a bug is a bug, but in reality different types of insects require radically different control strategies. The reason that mouse wanted to get into your house is totally different from why moths are infesting your closet; the kind of treatments that would repel carpenter ants wouldn’t do anything about termites.

Rats coming up the toilet? Here is the solution!

People say that rats can not swim up through your toilets, but in fact they can easily do that. Rats are strong enough to swim upstream, have incredible stamina and can hold their breath for up to three minutes, which is more than enough time to make their way through the average drainage system and up through the toilet.

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Hatfield Pest Control Services

Hatfield Pest Control

Hatfield Pest Control Services at affordable prices!

Nuisance from flies, rats or mice is a problem everybody encounters and we all know about the associated problems and risks. Besides disease transmission, they damage buildings and make them dirty, and they cause physical nuisance to people and animals. Pest control requires the right approach. So check our complete range of pest control services and read our handy tips for successfully taking on pests.

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