Bed bug Control Hatfield: Crushing Bed Bug Menace

Bed Bugs are rising; their numbers have significantly increased in the past ten years. Though these pests reached the brink of extinction, cheap air travel allowed people to visit the places where bed bus still thrived, bringing them back to the cities in the U.K. Problems with bedbugs in the Hatfield area stem from overly populated areas to the sheer amount of hotels, hostels, and shared housing. 

In the U.K., the most typical bed bug is Cimex lectularius. They’re part of the Cimicidae family, which also includes Bat Bugs. Both males and female bedbugs drink blood, become engorged, and fall off, but female bedbugs bite more frequently because they need blood to hatch their eggs. An allergic reaction to the bed bug bite can cause a skin infection.

Hatfield Bed Bugs Control

People travel for work and leisure, so the chances of encountering a bed bug infestation and spreading them inadvertently increase. Besides student housing, care homes, and apartments, these pests are also found in aeroplanes and buses, and once established, they can spread to other rooms quickly.

Hatfield Pest Control is the leading pest control service in the Hatfield area, renowned for eliminating bed bugs infestations. With our trained team, customised treatment plans, safe procedures, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we are dedicated to providing solutions that will eradicate bed bugs from your space. Our bed bug extermination service also includes disposal services for infested furniture, like beds, sofas, and carpets, as well as pick-up and drop-off services for luggage and belongings.


At Hatfield Pest Control, we prioritise accuracy and professionalism in our inspections. We aim to ensure no bed bug infestation goes untreated, allowing us to address the issue promptly and effectively. If you are dealing with bed bug infestations in your home or business, do not hesitate to contact us. We will promptly send our team for a professional inspection. Call us now to get a free estimate. For immediate services for all your bed bug control concerns, please call us at 01707 515 211 or mail us at

Bed Bug Treatment Hatfield: How our Services Work



Once you give us a call, our bed bug specialist will reach your space and scrutinise it to determine how advanced the bed bug infestation is and which rooms are most affected. They will then decide the type of treatment to eliminate them, which includes heat treatment, chemical treatment, or spray treatment.



If you choose our complete bed bug treatment, which is highly recommended, we will return after a week or two to determine the results of our bed bug control treatment. If there are still any signs of bed bug infestation, we will perform a second treatment. We provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your property remains bed bug-free.

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On the first visit, our bed bug controller will use the decided treatment plan to knock down the effect of bed bugs. This treatment will kill all the bed bugs, and their eggs will also die. On the second visit, the exterminator will work to finish off the entire colony.

Insects Pest Control


Our pest exterminator will provide a detailed report about the completed bed bug control service. Our team will also offer you advice on the prevention of future infestations. Above all, we understand the sensitive nature of bed bug infestations. Our team maintains the utmost professionalism and discretion throughout the process. We arrive in unmarked vehicles and use discreet equipment, ensuring your privacy is continually respected.

Hatfield Bed Bug Control: Total Bed Bug Elimination For Homes and Businesses

Domestic Bed Bug Control
Hatfield residents can call our trusted bed bug control service for effective extermination. Our team understands the unique challenges of bed bugs and uses customised treatment plans to tackle them. By using safe, proven methods such as encapsulating every inch of your home with bed bug spray, we ensure a peaceful and bug-free environment for your family. Contact us today for professional and reliable bed bug control services in Hatfield if you are experiencing bed bugs ruining your day-to-day life.


Commercial Bed Bug Control

Hatfield Pest Control is a London-based company that provides various commercial pest control services, including bed bug control. We use cutting-edge methods and tools to ensure that all bed bugs are eradicated from any commercial property by our highly-trained team of experts. You can rely on us to carry out a safe and efficient pest removal process, so you can continue to run your business without interruptions. Our services cover the entire Hatfield area and provide free, no-obligation quotes. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss your commercial pest control needs!

Bed Bug Control in Hatfield: Our Wide Range of Treatments

Heat Treatment

Hatfield Pest Control offers heat treatment for Bed Bugs. This is an advanced method of eliminating bed bugs by applying heat to areas infested by bed bugs, including mattresses, furniture, and other objects in the room. Heat kills bed bugs and can eradicate their entire population effectively. Hatfield Pest Control combines heat treatment with insecticide treatment of bed bugs. By doing this, you get immediate eradication of the bed bug colony and protection for months.

Insecticide Treatment

Our professional pest control company also uses insecticides formulated to eradicate bed bugs. These chemicals are applied to infested areas, including cracks, baseboards, and services, to eliminate bed bugs. We use only registered and environment-friendly insecticides to ensure your safety and the effectiveness of our treatment.

Freezing Treatment

Unlike a heat treatment, this can also be done off-site, so you don’t have to close any parts of your house. An infested object stays below freezing for 48-72 hours. By doing this, all evidence of insects is destroyed. Our pest control company has industrial specialist freezers on site. A freezer of this kind can freeze everything down to as low as -22°C, where all insects and eggs are killed.

Steam Treatment

Bed bug-infested areas such as mattresses, upholstery, and carpeting can be quickly and effectively treated using high-temperature steam. As steam penetrates deep into fabric, it kills bed bugs and their eggs as soon as they come in contact with it. It is a non-toxic method and helps eradicate bed bugs alongside other treatments like chemical sprays and heat treatment.

With Hatfield Pest Control, you’ll receive specialist bed bug heat treatment, pest control services, and environmentally friendly pest management. Our employees are caring and deliver excellent service. 

Our exterminators can deal with the most stubborn pest infestations safely, quickly, and efficiently.

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