10 of the most unwanted pests you never want in your home (part 2)

We will continue our previous article, with most unwanted pests that you never ever want in you home. Today we want to bring to your attention the following pests:

The most unwanted pests for homeowners

1. Bed bugs

Bed Bugs
Bed Bugs

These nasty bugs feed on human blood and they are truly the stuff of bad dreams. Even though they are not vectors of disease; their bites can cause skin rashes, psychological effects and allergic symptoms.

Bed bug bites can lead to skin alterations ranging from small areas of redness to prominent blisters. Therefore, they reduce the attractiveness and livability of any Hatfield home; and the presence of bed bugs is always highly undesirable. Travel is considered the most common cause of bed bug infestations.

For example, bed bugs will hitchhike on people; clothing, luggage, or other personal belongings and be accidentally transported to other properties. Professional pest control help is the only solution to their permanent elimination.

2. Flies

Common House Fly
Common House Fly

The second pests on our list of most unwanted pests that you never want in your home, are the flies. Our pest control and pest management specialists; are often called upon to eradicate the house flies and the fruit flies from Hatfield homes. Both species thrive in heavily populated metropolitan areas throughout the country.

House flies are dangerous to human health, as studies indicate that they are vectors of more than 65 diseases; the pathogens of which they transmit via touch or from bodily fluids such as: saliva, feces, vomit, and urine. This disgusting process take only a few seconds.

Most Unwanted Pests – Friendly creatures? Think again!

3. Squirrels


These rodents can be destructive nightmares if they find their way into a Hatfield home. Above all, they chew holes in siding and soffits, breed in attics and damage backyard, trees. In tandem with rats and mice, squirrels are estimated to cause up to 25% of all unexplainable fires. The highly-trained technicians at Hatfield Pest Control offer several solutions; some of which may include exclusionary techniques and one-way door installations.

4. Spiders


One of the most unwanted pest that you never want in your house is definitely the spider. Likewise, spiders are feared by many people, and on occasion, the phobia can be justified. If you live in a region where you can be bitten by the wrong spider; a very painful bite or visit to the hospital is a distinct possibility.

While most spiders pose little or no danger to people, some species can deliver venomous bites that may cause medical issues. In the UK, the most common venomous spider is False Widow; and the venom of females can cause swelling, numbness, discomfort, burning, chest pain and nausea.

5. Moths


There are two clothes moth species found in the UK that are the main culprits for nibbling on your garments; – the Common Clothes Moth and the Case-Bearing Clothes Moth. Both are small and seldom seen, as they prefer to dark, undisturbed areas such as little used:

  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Cupboards
  • Drawers
  • Wardrobes
  • Spaces under beds

They also prefer to avoid light, opting to hide in folds of fabrics, corners, cracks and crevices in quiet forgotten areas. Moth larvae feed on the felts within pianos and organs as well as in air ducts containing lint; shed pet hairs and other organic debris. Synthetic fabrics such as rayon and polyester are rarely damaged; unless they are blended with a natural fibre such as wool.

Most unwanted pests – Professional pest control services

In conclusion, these is our list of most unwanted pests that you never want in your home. Don’t forget, for any professional pest control services, call Hatfield Pest Control at 01707 515 211.

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